Cobrattack is the exciting game involving skill and stealth. Retrieve the emerald from the snake basket without disturbing the cobra.

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Are you brave enough to get the emerald back from the cobra? Cobrattack is the nerve-wracking game of stealth and skill. When the cobra's eyes shine green, carefully move towards the basket. But when they change to red, stop. The cobra can sense your moves - three wrong moves, and the cobra will strike!

Featuring a motion sensor basket and coiled snake, Cobrattack can be played as a single-player or multi-player game and is great fun for all the family. 


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Features & Benefits

  • Use cunning and stealth to beat the cobra.

  • 3 difficiulty levels to test against.

  • Retrieve the emerald without being seen!

  • Three wrong moves and the cobra strikes!

  • Even more fun with friends and family.

Cobrattack Videos

A range of videos for you to watch.

CobrattackProduct Information


  • Basket with motion sensor
  • snake
  • emerald
  • key
  • rules of the game.

Age: 4 years +
Batteries: 4 x AA batteries (not included)
Warnings: Not suitable for children under 3 years.