Galaxy Tracker 60mm Smart Telescope

Take a closer look at the night sky with the Discovery Galaxy Tracker Telescope.

Packaging of Galaxy Tracker 60mm Smart Telescope
Packaging of Galaxy Tracker 60mm Smart Telescope Galaxy Tracker 60mm Smart Telescope Galaxy Tracker 60mm Smart Telescope


This 60mm telescope includes an adaptor to attach your smartphone to the top of the telescope When the Sttar Walk app is downloaded to the phone, start exploring the galaxy - the smartphone will automatically recognise the stars and planets that are being viewed through the telescope.

This product is a STEM product.

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Not sure what STEM is...? Read more about it here.


Postage Included - UK Mainland only

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Features & Benefits

  • Download the best-selling Star Walk app to a smartphone and point in the direction of the stars to identify them.

  • Includes a bracket for attaching phone to top of telescope.

  • Telescope comes with an aluminium tripod.

  • Also includes two eyepieces (8.3mm and 16.6mm), diagonal mirror and an erector lens.

Galaxy Tracker 60mm Smart TelescopeProduct Information


  • 1 60mm telescope
  • 1 aluminium tripod
  • 1 smartphone attachment
  • 1 erector lens
  • 2 eyepiece attachments (16.6mm and 8.3mm)

Age: 8 years +
Batteries: N/A
Warnings: Do not view the sun through the telescope as serious injury to the eye may occur. To be used under direct supervision of an adult.